Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello sunshine

Jarang sekali kat Ireland ni nak dapat merasa hangatnya mentari.  Kira depa ni memang jakun habislah kalau tengok forecast of nice weather di sini.  Well, termasuklah aku.  Bukan senang nak berjalan kat luar tanpa membawa dan memakai jacket.  Kat sini, angin tu yang buat sejuk.  Typical English weather lah katakan.  Last weekend, kami mengambil kesempatan keluar ke pantai ala-ala sun bathing for us gitu.  Tapi aku taklah, siap bertopi bagai.  Takut golap wkakakak (mengadakan?sangat ok!).  

Aku dan Is ke Brittas Bay (Description on Brittas Bay: Brittas Bay is one of the finest beaches on the East Coast and is the most popular beach around for day tripping Dubliners to get out of the city on a summer day. Brittas Bay has a 5km stretch of beautiful white sand dunes and clean beaches. This beach has won a European Union (EU) Blue Flag - the interntional emblem for the highest quality beach areas in Europe - for five consecutive years. With no headlands to interfere with the peaceful rhythm, it is ideal for bathing, sailing and walking. Brittas has a 2mile/3.2km stretch of powdery sand and sand dune system which is a designated area of significant interest. The dunes are home to many interesting wildlife species and plants, including a number of rare species.  Brittas - the word, which occurs in Brittas Bay, the County Wicklow seaside resort, and in several Irish place-names is a direct borrowing from the Old French bretesche meaning "brattice/boarding/planking". The word refers to wooden defences often associated with a motte or castle-mound of the Anglo-Norman period; the use of the word "brittas" in place-names implies that the mound in question is an Anglo-Norman motte, rather than a native Irish raised earthwork).  aku cilok dari

Punyalah ramainya orang...sun bathing gitu 

Dah lama si Is tak mandi laut masin gitu.  So, bagi chance.  

The shadow

Lama dah selipar ni tak berkhidmat...


It's summer guys!


The Joker said...

So pretty and by pretty, I mean you. If I'm any richer, we would've met by now.

Zara said...

tq tq tq Mr. "The Joker"...ala, tak kaya ke? hehe

The Joker said...

Unfortunately, I'm not, Zara... I'm sorry.
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