Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yvoire, France

Berkesempatan ke Yvoire, France iaitu about 45 minutes from Geneva, Switzerland. Ramai gak tourists walaupun Easter Sunday. Sejukzz gilozz sebab tepi Lake Geneve.
Enjoy the pictures ok :D

(Description on Yvoire, France-Google: This medieval bourg, ideally situated on the expanse separating the "little lake" from the "great lake", still possesses some of the essential elements of the fortifications of the 14th Century : the castle, doors, ramparts...

Known as a modest fishing village in the beginning of the century, Yvoire is now ranked as one of the International Laureates of Floral Decorations, and is a member of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of France. This medieval city will celebrate its 700 years in 2006.

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The below pictures have been captured by using iphone :D


hunnybunny said...

sgttttt lawa!!!

JieJ said...

Cantiknya Zara...heheh...bila nak ajak saya gi sana ni??heheh...

Ayu Katerina said...

nice place :)

Zara said...

Hani: memang sangat lawa :D
JieJ: hehe boleh je...mai arr :D
Ayu: yup yup..totally agreed with u darl :D