Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Can we wear a headband to work? As for me, I would say you can wear a headband to work. But, just make sure it is not plastic, has no glittery cartoon characters hanging from them, or is not studded with crystals.

Tolong jangan pakai headbands di bawah ini ke office ye rakan-rakan. Hehe
I am thinking of Ferragamo headbands, with the structured bow and grosgrain material. Lawa kan???Erm...u will look gorgeous and stylo bila memakainya ahakkksss

It should be that minimal, that quiet. Simple is better. I would rather say simple but nice yet elegant. Jangan semak sangat. Nak pergi office kot. Bukan nak pergi fancy dress party kan? wakakkaka

Kata Hati:

I must get this set of 3 :D

Pic: Mr. Google as always :D

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