Monday, January 30, 2012

Puss in the boots? oh no... :D

I'm looking for new boots since last week. So sad sebab banyak yang berkenan kebanyakkannya ada pig lining...huwaaaaaaaaaaaa nangis, the above pictures ni aku jumpa time browse kat website Aldo. So, nanti petang-petang sikit kalau sempat nak pergilah tengok kat store. Itupun kalau sempat almaklumlah, Adakah pig lining lagi. Moga-moga tidak.

Kat bawah ni ada tips on How to Understanding Footwear Labels & Symbols.
Hope it helps :D
Almaklumlah, sharing is caring.

Textile: This means fabric, the list is endless. This is one of the symbols the vegans, vegetarians and eco-friendly consumers look for because it means all natural or man made materials are used for the construction.

Leather: This is the hide or skin an animal that has been put through a process called tanning. There are many types of leather and that is and educational page all in itself
Coated Leather: This is one of the processes of treating leather; basically the leather is coated with one of a variety of products for the desired look.

Kalau ada pig skin/pig lining...bentuknya cam gambar kat bawah ni. Hati-hati, bila materialnya adalah kulit. Kalau dah 3 dots tu confirmlah pig skin ye kekawan :D

Other Materials: This is still man-made materials just a little different because these materials usually refer to the sole of the shoe. The most common of these materials are Thermosplastic Rubber, PVC, Rubber Compounds, Crepe and Composition. All these materials are friendly for the Vegan, Vegetarian and Eco-Friendly consumer.

Kadang-kadang, ada gak kita akan nampak 3 dots sama macam pig skin tapi bila ianya adalah Other Materials, maka ia bukanlah pig skin.

Outer Sole and outsole: This is the bottom of the shoe, which will show on the bottom part of the shoe but the main function is to protect your foot from the ground below.

Lining and Sock: This is the inside of the shoe, the part that provides you with the comfort and support that you desire.

Upper: This is the part of the shoe that you are initially attracted to, the part that you can see.

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