Friday, February 25, 2011

Love thyself, first and foremost (must read by girls)

Love thyself, first and foremost (must read by girls)

No one will love a person who does not love herself. Unfortunately this is one important fact girls tend to forget when they are too busy loving someone else. And then they go loose and in the end lose themselves. Always remember to love thyself, first and foremost.

I have been asked too many times on how to find 'the right one'. The reason this question keep on coming to me remain a mystery but I have been thinking for an answer to that nonetheless.

So this is how; Stop finding the right one and start being the right one instead!

The logic is that by doing so you will conveniently work on something that you are actually in control of- Yourself.

One mistake women often make is expecting men to be mind readers. Let me break it to you, honey. They will never be one. They don't possess the power to scan your brain and find out what you are sulking over. They have not a clue that you are upset because they didn't get the hint that you wanted that pair of Louboutin. They are almost incapable of understanding unless you make them. Metaphors and little hints are Greek to them. Just cut the crap and be direct. That will save a lot of time and energy. That will also save you from disappointment that came from expecting them to be something they are not.

If you want a man that respects you, you've got to have enough self-respect first. Because the only person who can respect you best is none other than yourself..And then spread the notion of respect to others around you.

If you want a man who is responsible and knows his priorities, you have to play your roles well first. Do know that until and unless until you are married your prime role is as a daughter and you shall be a good one by obeying your parents. If you cannot be a good daughter there is a chance you will not be a good wife. You would not want that as much as you don't want a man who cannot be a good husband. A noble man who is worthy of you will never make you go against your parents or do something that is bad for you.

If you want someone who is always there supporting you, be supportive too, and support does not mean that you two have to be in each other's presence twenty-four-seven. Giving and keeping a personal space between the two of you is also a form of support. You don't have to be a shadow tied to his heels and follow him wherever he goes, or call him every other hour. When you are ready to love, you should be ready to trust. Let there be space in your togetherness, says Khalil Gibran. Put yourself in your man's shoes. Its suffocating isn't it to not be able to breathe without having to 'report' to that other half? Independence is attractive. Your man doesn't need another mother.

If you want a man with all the good traits, make sure you have those traits first. What you give is what you get. So don't give something you don't want to be getting later. Never expect your man to turn up with a carriage or on a white horse. Life is not a fairytale and he is not prince charming. If you are looking for perfection, go buy yourself a Kent from Toys "R" Us. You are not perfect either. No one is. The only thing you can do is to embrace the strengths and weaknesses of the two of you and learn from each other.

People say love needs no reason. That is bull. You need to have reasons and those reasons need to be the right ones. Love can be blind so make sure you keep your sight and senses awake. You don't want to fall and break yourself.

Follow your heart but use your brain. Matters of the heart can be wisely dealt with logic after all.

(written by M.M)

by Wan Muhammad Nabil on Friday, February 25, 2011 at 12:59pm

P.S : I'm just sharing the wisdom every girl should know, hopefully you find it helpful.


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N.D said...

More thanks to Mahirah,the writer :)

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Mahirah M said...

Glad to know you find this piece worth sharing :)

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Hi MM,tqvm for visiting my blog.i do love yr writing.i found it very interesting and such a good advise for me.keep it up and salam perkenalan.nice knowing you :D

meinekonto said...

this is actually a very good post kak zara.. the points are really true :)

Ahmad bin Ariffin said...

this is a very good post kak zara.. all the points are true :)

Zara said...

yes adik Ahmad..i'm agreed with you. the writer just did a good job! tqvm once again M.M :D