Monday, February 21, 2011

Howth, Co. Dublin

Howth (rhymes with both), is a fishing and yachting port, and popular suburban resort on the north side of Howth Head, 15km (9½ miles north-east of the city centre. Its attractions are easily appreciated, particularly at the coast. Howth Head gives fine views of Dublin Bay and the Wicklow Mountains or Boyne Valley beyond. In the bay is the rocky bird sanctuary and monastic island of Ireland's, to which boat trips may be taken in summer. Cliff paths lead around the coastline, through Howth village and its ruined abbey, and past Baily Lighthouse. The 15th-century Howth Castle is inland, partly ruinous, but with fine rhododendron gardens. A small, but impressive, transport museum can be visited near the DART railway station, featuring Howth's famous open-topped tram. Howth's pubs, hotels and fish restaurants make it a pleasant outing from Dublin.

Please be informed that i have googled the above-mentioned description on Howth :D

menikmati crepes panas time sejuk mmg sodap! hehehe

beli satu cupcake semata-mata nak amik gambo these cupcakessss...hehehe

Many thanks to Mcda sebab sudi membawa kami berjalan-jalan ke Howth :).


jelita78 said...

ohhhhhh sedapnyaaaa astagaaaaa buat aku terliur sungguh untuk that strawberry cupcake!!

::myra:: said...

gle best la....d0k sn ad je xtvt yg bley kt wt kan...yg plg best kiri knn makhluk asg xknl sesape...huu~~

Zara said...

hahaha..makhluk asg tu x bley blah..LOL