Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Philea Resort & Spa, Melaka

Last Sunday, aku amik Is kat KYS Melaka..aku lalu depan this new resort named THE PHILEA RESORT & SPA, amat teruja ngan rekabentuknya iaitu diperbuat drp kayu buluh..lawa!
hari ni, aku baca paper, rupanya this resort 6 stars!!!semalam rm600++..mak aiiiii..

Nota Hati: satu hari mesti kena try stay sini...(tunggu aku posting arr gamaknya, baru ada duit!wkakakak)

MALACCA'S first six-star resort and spa will open its doors next week, following a RM140 million investment by timber group Sanbumi Holdings Bhd.

The Philea Resort & Spa, claimed to be Asia's largest log resort, is located on a 5.7ha site in Ayer Keroh, Malacca. It was designed by Symbios Design Associates Sdn Bhd.

Philea's general manager Ung Beng Huat said Philea is Sanbumi's maiden venture in the hospitality management industry. Sanbumi is also involved in the tourism industry

Speaking at the preview of the resort on Monday evening, he said a thorough study had been done for two years involving concept and other details before Philea's construction started in August 2008 and was completed in May this year.

The company plans to bring in tourists from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China via chartered flights four times a week.

Philea consists of 180 Pavillion Villas, 19 units of Philea Suites and two units of Royal Villas. Each villa is uniquely designed, complemented with pine-log walls and a host of amenities.

The resort will also have five in-house food and beverage outlets as well as a host of other facilities and services such as outdoor-landscaped swimming pool and a spa village which will be opening soon.




N.Q.R said...

try this bebeh

lawa okeh!

The Juggling Queen said...

cam nak ajak en.fadzil ke situ je bile die balik august ni... hehehe..

Zara said...

ajak, jgn x ajak hehehe...balik before puasa?