Friday, April 16, 2010

FENDI plak :D

Fendi Rose Zucca Medium Chef Bag Everything comes up roses with this sassy little chef bag that combines the traditional zucca logo with red roses. A round Fendi bag tag echoes the femininity of the bag, and inside the lined main compartment there is pocket for your cell phone. Manufactured in canvas with leather details. Made in Italy.
Multi coloured ‘Boston’ leather print bag. The multi coloured Fendi logo sits on a beige background. A zip fastening sits on the main opening with a padlock and keys. A small pocket sits on the pink lining. Short handles sit on either side. Make a style statement with this Fendi ‘Boston’ leather print bag . Colourful and on trend it’s a great piece for everyday that will pull together your look.
  • 100% Leather
  • Zip fastening. Short handles
  • Width 10 Inches Height 7 Inches Depth 6 Inches

Nota Hati: aim for FENDI plak :D


Leen said...

lalalala dudududu (hurming lagu ntah ape2)
kite dah click nuffnang akak..jgn lupe ye click kite nye pula..mudah-mudahan bleh plak sy beli FENDI ngeh3x!

Zara said...

wakakaka..iyolah dik non :D
(btw, dah jumpa lom passport tu?)

Leen said...

Hahaha..not yet dear... still looking for it. Hopefully jumpa.

Zara said...

pasni, semua barang kena ada "sim card" sendiri..if hilang, bley call :P