Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tips: How to plan a girlfirends' getaway

This entry especially for my girlfrens e.g: Ayu, Haney, Myra, Kak Nony, Syella, Ernie, Sue, Linda, Qistina, etc...

IF you love a girls' night out, take the concept one step further with a girls' weekend vacation. Spend a night or two-or three- with your closest gal pals in swanky resort, enjoying spa treatments and other girlie treats.

  • Agree on a time and budget first.
  • There's no better way to start a fight than planning the vacation on a friend's weeding anniversary or baby's first birthday - so make sure every friend has signed off on the weekend.
  • Decide what you want to do. You could go on a cruise, take in a tropical resort or even shop at famous retail destinations.
  • Try to get group rates.
  • Coordinate with your friends when packing for your getaway. This way you'll each bring clothes of similar levels of formality - you won't have one friend stuck in a cocktail dress while everyone else stays in swimsuits and flip-flops.
  • Take lots of pictures - many women have photographs of themselves only with their husbands and children.

p/s: apa lagi kalian, plan..plan..mau pg mana?


cik EPAL said...

pergi malaysia balek..hehe :)

N.Q.R said...

spa!!!!aku tau satu spa yg besh ada jacuzzi,steam bath,sauna,ada makan2 sekali..leh lepak dr pas keje smpai malam..:)

Zara said...

Qis: menarik gak, better p island...bermandi manda di beach...penat p spa plak...jom during CNY!!!